I have a younger brother who has cystic fibrosis (CF) and I really wanted to organise a fundraising and awareness raising day for him at my school. I asked the school when I was in Year 7 if I could organise a day for CF but there was a bit of a waiting list few years as there were events organised to raise funds and awareness for people with other conditions.

Finally in 2016 when I was in Year 9, my school allowed me to organise an event for CF. As I was a student councellor I found it quite easy to speak to the teachers in the school about what I wanted to do.

A couple of weeks before the actual “Wear Red” day, I visited several classes in the primary school (Pre-primary to Year 4) and talked to them about CF and what it is. I then asked the students to design posters with the message “Wear Red and donate a gold coin”. We picked a few posters from each class and I put them around the school to advertise the “Wear Red” day. Some of the teachers also put on the film on Youtube “Getting Nosey about CF with Ollie and Nush” so the students could learn a bit about CF that way. I also read a book “The Mystery of the 65 Roses” to some of the classes.

On the “Wear Red” day I set up a stall in the area where we have assembly. I sold CF merchandise and some students had collection tins. Lots of students and teachers were all dressed up in different shades of red, which was great to see. There was even a write up about the day in our school year book.

What surprised me the most when I was doing this event was that at first how many students didn’t know anything about CF. But after I went around the classes, some of the students in my brother’s class were much more supportive, helping him take his enzymes and that sort of thing.

I found doing this whole thing easy, as I want to be a primary school teacher so doing the lessons with the students was a great experience for me.

What I would do differently if I was to do this again would be to make some videos of the day and ask some people from the CF organisation to come to the school to also talk about CF to the students or maybe during assembly. Overall though I feel like I raised a lot of awareness about CF. I would like to run another one of these days in the future if I can.