A Guide to Cystic Fibrosis for Primary School Teachers


  Student Health Plans and other Handy Documents

thumbnail of CFF035I – PST – A summary for managing CF in the classroomthumbnail of CFF035I – PST – Cystic fibrosis summary for primary school teachers & relief teachersthumbnail of CFF035D – ECHE – Letter to Parentsthumbnail of CFF035D – ECHE – Tips for enzyme capsules

thumbnail of CFF035I – PST – Student health support plan for CFthumbnail of Student Health Support Plan Editable_Finalthumbnail of CFF035I – PST – School Camp Checklistthumbnail of CF Fact Diabetesthumbnail of CF Fact Exercise & Sport in Schoolthumbnail of Cross infection in schoolsthumbnail of CF Fact Infection Control In Schools

   Cystic Fibrosis Lesson Plans

thumbnail of CFF035K – BLM1 My stomach and lungsthumbnail of CFF035K – BLM2 My lungsthumbnail of CFF035K – BLM3 Where can you find germsthumbnail of CFF035K – BLM4 Washing your hands

Cystic Fibrosis Films

Good Clean Hands: This 3 min 40 second animation is all about hand washing and ways to minimise spreading germs, particularly to those who have cystic fibrosis. The film is suitable for children aged 3 to 8.

Getting Nosey about CF with Ollie and Nush: An animation made by the CF UK Trust which helps explain to children aged 4 to 10 what cystic fibrosis is.
       A-Z of cystic fibrosis: A great film explaining all the different             aspects of cystic fibrosis, suitable for Year One’s to Year Fives.