Teacher Resources – Support for Schools

Education Services Offered by CF Organisations

There are seven cystic fibrosis (CF) organisations located around Australia and most offer some form of assistance to families and teachers, so children with CF can be supported while at school.

Assistance can take the form of speaking to individuals or a group of teachers, presenting to students about CF, attending a case conference with the parent and teacher, sending a school information pack to a school or parent or being able to access an exercise or educational training subsidy. CF organisations vary in size so you will need to contact the one in your state to find out how they are able to assist.

Hospital Schools

If a student with CF is in hospital, there are often hospital schools with a contact person that teachers can liaise with in regards to forwarding on homework and missed school work. Details are provided with each state.

CF Clinics

If you require further general information about CF or have gained permission from the student’s parents to ask for specific information, the CF nurse specialist at your state’s CF clinic will be a useful point of contact. The contact details are provided with each state.

Education and assistance

CFACT can provide school talks and coordinates with the CF Clinic as well as providing funding for tutoring once other resources have been exhausted via the Ronald McDonald Tutoring Individual Members Assistance program.

CF Clinic

Centenary Hospital for Women and Children (The Canberra Hospital)
PHONE : 02 6174 7373

Education and assistance

School information packs are available upon request. CFQ has a Community Support Team who can provide information to child care centres, schools and community groups.

CF Clinic & Hospital School Services

Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital School
PHONE : 07 3636 3777
PHONE : 02 8732 5700
FREECALL : 1800 650 614

Education and Assistance

CFCC (NSW) provides CF education to school staff, extended family and also to other community organisations. For more details regarding education sessions contact Kernyn Schwager  regionalsupport@cfcc.org.au

Hospital School Services

Sydney Children’s Hospital School at Randwick

PHONE : 02 9399 7119
EMAIL: sydchnhos-s.schools@det.nsw.edu.au       
WEBSITE: www.sydchnhos-s.schools.nsw.edu.au

The Children’s Hospital School at Westmead

PHONE : 02 9845 2813
EMAIL: childhosp-s.school@det.nsw.edu.au 
WEBSITE: www.childhosp-s.schools.nsw.edu.au    


CF Clinic

Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick.

CF Clinic CNC PHONE: 02 9382 1332

John Hunter Children’s Hospital, Newcastle

CF Clinic CNC PHONE: 0 4985 5407

The Children’s Hospital at Westmead

CF Clinic CNC PHONE: 02 9845 2156

Education and assistance

CFSA works in conjunction with the Women and Children’s Hospital (WCH) in Adelaide, to provide education for schools. WCH would be the first port of call to arrange a talk, however CFSA can also be contacted. The education subsidies provided by CFSA include a $500 one off education grant to go towards a certified course, assistance towards TAFE, tutoring for people with CF over 16, career counselling and resume building.

Hospital School Services

Hospital Education Service
Women’s and Children’s Hospital (WCHN)
PHONE : 08 8161 7262

Education and assistance

Scholarships: The Aaron Mackrill Scholarship is available for young people with CF, for post Year 12, tertiary or vocational education and training. Click here for more info.

The Paedicatric CF Clinic at RHH provides CF education for schools by request.

The contact person is Nicole Saxby: nicolemicallef@ths.tas.gov.au

Hospital School Services

Tasmanian eSchool

Southern Campus

PHONE : 03 6282 8181
Tasmanian eSchool
Northern Campus
PHONE : 03 6323 8999

CF Clinic

Royal Hobart Hospital

PHONE : 03 6166 8308
CFCC have an Education Support Coordinator who can assist in bridging the educational gap for children with CF when they are away from school and struggling with school work. The Education Support Coordinator can also assist in the following ways:

  • Talking to the child/family and looking for strategies to support their learning.
  • Doing presentations/talking to school to raise awareness about CF.
  • Putting child/family in touch with range of educational resources, sending out information packs to teachers and parents.
  • The Royal Children’s Hospital and Monash Medical Centre also hold information days for teachers at the start of the school year.

Hospital School Services

Royal Children’s Hospital Education Institute
PHONE : 03 9345 9700

CF Clinic

Royal Children’s Hospital
PHONE : 03 9345 5522
Monash Medical Centre
PHONE : 03 9594 6666
PHONE : 08 6457 7333
PHONE : 08 6457 7337

Education and assistance

CFWA has an education officer, who can deliver CF education sessions to teachers, parents and students in day care centres, primary schools, high schools, close and extended family and community groups.

CFWA has a range of hard copy CFSmart materials available for teachers, parents and students that can be posted to people in Western Australia.

Hospital School Services

School of Special Educational Needs: Medical and Mental Health
PHONE : 08 9340 8529

CF Clinic

Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH)
PHONE : 08 9340 8222