Volunteering at CFV

My time with cystic fibrosis started at the 2016 Leadership Camp in mid, March. Prior to going to the camp I had very little knowledge of the disease and the Cystic Fibrosis charity behind it – Cystic Fibrosis Victoria (CFV) – but armed with an open mind I jumped on the bus and went on the journey. I’m glad I did as I learnt so much about CF and ‘the people power’ behind CFV that work so hard and tirelessly to keep it going. From a personal point I gained not only the knowledge I now have of the disease and CFV, but I have learnt a lot about myself as a teenager and the positivity of being not just a teenager but a leader of other teenagers and to setting positive examples for them and my peers in general.

I was lucky enough to be selected for the camp and I enjoyed being involved in the activities and I enjoyed the comradery generated at the camp. It felt good to be listened to and appreciated. I was able to put forward ideas that I thought, would and/or could, be considered and possibly even implemented to promote future charity events.

Along with helping the CFV staff and team and coming up with my ideas for future events and activities, I also gained a lot of knowledge about the cause. I felt included and gained strength by being involved in the work groups and adjusting to other people’s suggestions. As well as the leadership and learning, I met some truly genuine people that I’m now able to call my friends. As I said above, I came away from the leadership camp with a strong understanding of CF and with a desire to do more and spend more time with the team to help them out from a teenagers perspective. 65 Roses Day was next on the cards and I was emailed by the team and replied instantly agreeing to help them out. Although the day involved ‘tin rattling’ on the corner of a street in the heart of Melbourne, in the pouring rain, I gained a very good understanding of the struggle it takes to raise funds and also how much even the smallest of donations from everyday people adds up.

When I had a free week in my Work Experience for school, I jumped at the chance to put in a whole week of work experience at the CFV office. The staff there are terrific and made me feel so welcome. I spent my days coming up with ideas and building and putting strengths into future planned events. I also helped with the mail out for the gala ball. At the end of October I volunteered at the Melbourne Great Strides event, where I was tasked as an area warden. It was my duty to make sure all attendees were safe and free from any harm. I was also able to help out at the finish line to hand out medals to the competitors. It felt really good being able to help out and cheer on the competitors who themselves had sacrificed their day to raise money for CFV It was such a joy seeing them all cross the finish line My volunteering time at Cystic Fibrosis Victoria has been an experience like no other. I enjoy spending my time to help the charity and it is so heart-warming to see that I am making a difference to the cause.